Shooting Panoramas from a Helium Blimp and 60 ft Mast

A talk by Michael Kintner.

Michael will give us a talk about shooting panoramas from a helium filled balloon and 60 foot mast, he’ll go over how its made, the light weight robotic remote control pano head, how its transported, the custom built trailer and the virtual tour experience using a variety of software systems.  He’ll wrap up his session showing his newly developed iPhone and iPad app designed to get your panoramas online and work offline with your own personal app in the Apple Store.

Born 1964 in Cuba, New York, residing in Olean, New York, USA.

  • Degree in Computing Graphics from Alfred State College in 1984
  • BS in Software Engineering and Computing Graphics
  • MS in Information Technology Management from Colorado Technical University
  • Professor at Colorado Technical University in Database Management and Online Student Development
  • After 20 years working with databases, consulting and education he took on his first aerial panoramic photos from the bottom of a helium blimp in 2007
  • Aerial Mast Photos and Video on top of a 60 aluminum pole in 2006
  • Founded Amazing Aerial Photos in 2009
  • Developed i360 Views Viewer for Panoramic Photographers after discovering many areas still don’t have good cell or network coverage.  The viewer allow for offline viewing of 360 virtual tours, photos and videos.
  • i360Viewer in iTunes

Michael Kintner
Amazing Aerial

NEW i360 Viewer

i360 Viewer lets the photographer have their own app online via iTunes Apple Store and enjoy the already hundreds of thousands of apps online today.

This unique app gives the photographer is ability to be presented as there own entity and another means of advertising via iTunes network.

Here are a few features that we have to offer:

  • 360 Interactive Panoramas
  • Photo Studio View
  • HD Video Studio View
  • Full Google Maps Interface with Driving Directions
  • Customizable Menu Interface
  • Customizable Help Screens
  • Information History Screen
  • Facebook/Twitter Web integration
  • Online Store
  • (Optional Full Offline Viewing)

The new Optional Offline Viewer is a huge advantage for the client and the photographer because it allows the presentation to be available offline with the use of WiFi or Cell Service.  So why is this such a big deal?   Many times the photographer or client wishes to present their materials and in doing so, they arrive at the destination to only discover there is new Cell Service or WiFi available to show your presentation.   i360Viewer is designed for the Photographer and Client in mind.

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